As we all know, the chairman is a poet, leaving behind a lot of popular works, including a word called \"Xijiangyue Jinggangshan \", many people can memorize.


At that time, there was nothing on the Jinggangshan, the chairman of the eye, let Chen Yi-an in charge of the preparation of the arsenal, hospital, loading plant. It was under the auspices of Chen Yi-an that these factories were established and operated one after another, and Jinggangshan really became the base of the Red Army.


Since then, Chen Yi-an, as the chairman's effective GanJiang, has directed the attack on the New Town, Yongxin City, New Seven Creek Ridge and other battles, all of them beautiful and victorious, and Chen Yi-an's military command ability has been generally recognized.


In early August 1928, the Red Fourth Army lost the battle in southern Hunan, and in order to preserve its vitality, the Chairman specially dispatched 31 regiments and 3 battalions to Guidong to meet the main force of the Red Fourth Army back to Jinggangshan.


However, the cunning enemy troops saw the empty strength of Jinggangshan, sent a division to attack Jinggangshan. At that time, chen yian was taking a battalion to stay in Jinggangshan, he first led a battalion and regiment directly under the team, go to the important outpost of Jinggangshan Huangyangjie, combat deployment.


When mr. chen reached the chairman with the news that he was ready to meet mr. huang, the chairman breathed a sigh of relief and said to those around him,\" with mr. chen, the problem is small.\"


On August 29, a division of the enemy launched an attack on the Yellow Sea, pressing against my position with ten times my strength and artillery. Chen Yi-an calm command, when the enemy into the effective range, our army rifle, rolling stone, wood at the same time poured into the enemy, the enemy immediately chaos, fled.


However, where do they know, Chen Yi-an has already dug a trap around, buried bamboo nails, immediately, the enemy screamed, some people afraid to fall into the trap, directly stand in place dare not move, raise their hands to surrender.


However, after all, the enemy has a large number of people, and soon re-organized the attack, Chen Yi-an command everyone according to the risk of defense, no inch, the enemy's six attacks did not break through half a step.


In the afternoon, the enemy camp received news that the main force of the Red Army had returned, and at first they did not believe it at all, and continued to attack, but their attack had just begun, and suddenly a shell fell on their ranks, and the enemy exploded.


As a matter of fact, this was only an attempt by Chen Yi-an, who knew that if the enemy were to be used up in such a way, our troops would not last long, and he would let the surrounding townsmen spread the news of the Red Army's main force back, and then moved to a temporarily repaired mortar, firing only three shells at the enemy, one of which accurately hit the enemy group and frightened the enemy.


In 1930, Chen Yi-an assisted Peng Lao in directing the Battle of Changsha and served as commander-in-chief of the Battle of Changsha. In the battle, Chen Yi-an took the lead to form a commando team, using various tactics to attack Xianning, Tongshan and other counties, and finally successfully won Changsha City.


Originally, Chen Yi-an knew that he would die at any time, and had an agreement with his wife: as long as you receive a letter, only two blank sheets of paper, it shows that I have died.


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